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The American Legion is only as strong as the bond and partnership it forges with the local community.  There are many ways you can get involved, demonstrate support and further the important work we perform.
BECOME, REFER OR SPONSOR A LEGIONNAIRE:  There’s strength in numbers, and the simple act of joining our organization bolsters its political voice and capabilities.  If you are one of the many thousands of proud veterans or active duty personnel who have answered this country's call in times of conflict, help yourself by attaching your name to our organization and its good works.  Whether or not you become actively involved, you’ll be welcome in our ranks.  Full membership details are available on this web site.  Sign-up is easy and can be effected without leaving this page.

Friends of the Post are welcome and encouraged to refer eligible veterans and active duty family members our way.  You can even sponsor memberships to get them started and involved. We'll match your contribution to make it go twice as far! 
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PLEDGE:  Beyond our own direct contributions, the American Legion looks to outside grants and public donations to sustain our endeavors.  Even the smallest helps and makes a difference in that effort.  Individuals and businesses who wish to pledge monetary support are welcome and encouraged to do so.  At present, this Post does not solicit by mail or phone and does not utilize  electronic collection on web pages.
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SPONSOR AND ADVERTISE:  Spotlight your business on our web site, in our newsletters and at our Post by becoming an advertiser or event sponsor.  Focus your message and sales to a clearly identified military-affiliated audience and reach them for comparative pennies a day.  There are few ways to get a better bang for your promotional buck.  American Legion Post 411 and its Ladies Auxiliary Unit also conduct fundraising events that rely on donations of gift certificates and merchandise from local businesses.  If you are interested in becoming a publicly recognized sponsor for an event, please contact us. 

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ORDER AMERICAN LEGION FLAGS: The next time that “Stars and Stripes” you have flying proudly becomes tattered, look to us for a replacement.  Our promotional tie-ins to manufacturers brings a return with every sale.  All merchandise is top-quality, 100% American made and available for the exact same price you would pay by purchasing directly.  Just visit the link below to effect purchase and specify Post 411 as the organization you wish to sponsor when placing your order.  Post 411 can even help you dispose of your unserviceable flags in a dignified manner.  Just drop them off or deposit them in our on-site collection box and we’ll arrange proper retirement.

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More Ways to Pitch in ...

SUPPORT OUR SUPPORTERS:  Take special note of the advertisements and sponsorship notices posted for local merchants on these web pages.  The organizations behind them stand with us and have rendered tangible support.  Help show our appreciation by patronizing their businesses in return.  Pass along thanks when you do, and tell them you saw their messages here!

DO SOME ON-LINE SHOPPING:   Rusy Bohm Post 411 participates in on-line affinity programs that provide returns to the Post with every sale.  You'll enjoy special promotions and low-low prices when you click the Google and Amazon web links integrated into this web site.  It costs no more than shopping directly, but brings benefits beyond just merchandise.  

RECOMMEND US:  Suggest our hall the next time friends, acquaintances and business associates need a rental facility for their meetings, exhibits, parties and affairs.  Simply refer them to this web site for details and contact information.

ATTEND OUR EVENTS:  Set aside time and bring your pals to our breakfasts, Night at the Races and fundraising events.  These bargain-priced gatherings offer hearty meals and enjoyable social interactions.  Consult our calendar for up-to-date schedules.

COLLECT SOME SCRAP WIRE:  You can help the environment and Post at the same time by bringing in your scrap copper wire for recycling.  Just toss those old extension cords, power cables, telephone cords, electrical wires and the like in a box and drop them off for scrapping.

CONTRIBUTE BUILDING MATERIALS:   Maintaining our facility in first-class condition requires building materials and professional help.  Our needs change, but there are always things we can use.  If you, your business or someone you know have old or surplus construction items in usable shape that are just taking up space, give us a call or drop us an email.  We can arrange pick up, provide receipts and give you positive publicity in return for your generosity.  Hands-on help with construction is no less welcome and a great way to showcase your handiwork and community spirit to the many area residents who frequent our facility.

Here's a list of materials we are currently seeking (Updated January, 2016)

  • 4 foot fencing and framing parts