The American Legion is the nation's largest wartime veterans service organization.  We were founded on the values, contributions and sacrifices of those who answered this country's calls to arms. Our mission is consistent and reflective of them. In all of our endeavors, we seek to:

  • Respond to quality of life issues that directly affect America's veterans and their families,
  • Prepare each new generation to meet citizenship obligations,
  • Maintain a strong national defense;
  • Perpetuate the principles of government established by the United States Constitution;
  • Pursue our committments to serving God, country and community.

As a group, the American Legion family passionately promotes a better understanding of the principles of democracy.  Our programs seek to instill -- in every indivdual -- an appreciation of the benefits American citizenship bestows, the obligations that come with that gift, and the critical imporance of preserving the democratic system of government that made it all possible.  This vison is broadly pronounced in central tenets of our organization's Preamble.