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Do yourself a favor and register on the National organization website designed to better connect American Legion members with their Post,  their Department leadership and fellow registered members.  replaces dated systems formerly offered by subscription, and provides access to officers and members at three levels of our organization.  A simple call is all that is required to set up Post level access.  Here's what provides registrants:
Member Level Access

Allows individual Legion members to view information on file at National Headquarters as well as messages and events published through the Department and Post leverl myLegion sites.  Registered myLegion members can also interract with other registrants using the networking tools provided.

Post/District/County Level Access

Offers Legion and SAL information on all members of Posts.  Allows submission of member data change forms and Consolidated Post Reports electronically.  Authorized users can also upload a post image, newsletter, message, and calendar.  Excellent management tools are available.  Create membership listings; view members renewing online; search for and identify members who have expired or are listed as members of the Department Headquarters Post.  A built-in chat feature lets officers discuss issues and share ideas.

Department Level Access

Provides membership information, reports and electronic membership tools -- such as data change forms --- for all posts and squadrons within the Department.  Access is only available at the State organization level.