Attention Merchants and Business Owners!

What better way to display your commitment to supporting current and former members of the United States military, their families and the welfare of our community service instituion than by running ads in our local American Legion Post publication or adding your name to a sponsorship of American Legion events?  You'll earn positive publicity, and the low-low cost practically guarantees you returns on investment.  One placement or sponsor's commitment buys a full SIX-MONTH presence on this web site, two appearances in our quarterly newsletters, a complementary circular distribution and a listing on the Post's sponsorship bulletin board.  THAT'S VALUE!  Our well-known demographic makes it easy for you to target messages selectively, while web-ties to Posts throughout the county and state ensure wide audiences for broader-scale promotions. Discount coupon distributions can be particularly effective.

We offer wide-ranging flexibility on ad designs, placements and timing, but space is limited.  You have to take the first step!  Please contact us today to discuss details, rates and submission requirements.  You'll be glad you did!

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arousel, flash and most standard ad layouts can readily be accommodated.  Send us your specs!